Altaj Amla (Emblica)

Altaj Amla which is known as emblica officinalis is an Indian herb which is extensively used in ayurvedic system of medicine. One of the best available sources of Vitamin C to mankind, Amla has 20 times the Vitamin C content of grapefruit and 15 times that of lemon. It is uesd to regain youthfulness because of the specific use of a herbal compound which primarily consisted of amla.

Altaj Mart is one of the leading names engaged in offering pure and effective Altaj amla juice products to its clients. We have 100% pure extract of amla. Amla is one of the oldest natural herbs, which is gifted us by nature. The fruit has the highest content of vitamin C more than any other natural occurring substances in nature. It is used for the treatment of various diseases and health problems such as ulcers and hyper-acidity. Hygienically prepared using natural and healthy amla, the juice boosts the immune system and helps in strengthening the heart & hair. It is also known for anti aging properties and promoting the functionality of different organs in the body.

Altaj Mart also manufacture amla powder, which is used as a natural astringent & skin toner and it promotes black & luxuriant hair. Altaj Amla powder contains all natural ingredients needed for proper hair growth. We have hired efficient procurement agents to source pure herbal ingredients from the renowned vendors. Widely being used as a powerful and anti-oxidant agent, this fruit boosts immunity. Altaj Amla Powder is made by crushing dry Amla. It can be used in a variety of ways either for direct consumption, or as a seasoning in food or even as an ingredient in Hair Conditioning packs. It is also used to restore the vitality and rejuvenating the entire body system.

Uses of Altaj Amla :

Altaj Amla in the Murabba form can be taken once a day as a Powerful tonic!! It helps in the formation of red blood cells and therefore, also used in treating anaemia. It is used in fever, hyperacidity, peptic ulcer and diseases of the urinary and genital tract. Amla is one such herb which can be used in all types of ailments. Let us point out some of the major diseases in which Altaj amla is highly effective.

1. Stomach Problems: Altaj amla is highly effective in treating stomach ailments both liver and intestine related. Its regular intake helps in keeping away problems like stomach ache, gastric problems and infections. It is also a very good blood purifier hence it improves the health of liver which in turns keeps the toxins and infections away.

2. Bleeding piles: Being an effective haemostatic agent, the juice of fresh amla, if taken with 250 mg of giloy satva (extract of Tinosporia cordifolia), is an effective remedy for bleeding piles and non-specific epistaxis.

3. Burning micturation: Taking 500 mg of turmeric powder with two or three teaspoonsfull of amla juice diluted in a glass of water proves effective in the case of burning sensation after passing urine.

4. As a hair tonic: Soak some dried pieces of amla overnight and use them as the last rinse while washing the hair. This filtered water is also used to wash the eyes to prevent or treat allergic conjunctivitis. Amla-enriched oils and shampoos are very popular aids for hair care.

5. Amalaki Rasayana: Take half a kg of dry Altaj amla powder and stir it in the fresh juice of amla fruits for 21 days. When dried, it becomes a fortified form of amla. This formulation known as Amalaki Rasayana can be taken as a tonic- half to one gm a day with milk throughout the year.

6. Altaj Amla powder also serves well in various other forms as murabba, pickle, jam and chutney.

7. Skin Problems: There is no herbal medicine for skin ailments which is complete without amla as one of its main ingredients. It is a great blood purifier hence it helps in clearing out all the impurities from the skin like acne and pimples.