Altaj Black Cardamom (Badi Elaichi)

Altaj Badi Elaichi pods are dark brown to black in color and have a tough, dried, wrinkly skin. They are highly aromatic but not as much as Green Caradmom. Altaj Black Cardamom is dried over a smoke fire and therefore has a distinct smokey aroma. The seeds have sweetish, smokey flavor when bitten into. Due to its distince spicy flavour Altaj Black Cardamom is one of the main ingredients to many spice mixtures like garam masala. It is used as a whole or ground for rice dishes and also in desserts. As an Ayurvedic remedy it is used against dhiarrhea.

Altaj Black Cardamom has a nice fresh aroma. By tradition of drying it over open flames, the spice also gives off a strong smoky flavor as well. Black cardamom is a spice that is used in many dishes to give it that extra flavor. Many different foods use Black Cardamom, such as: Chicken, Chai Tea, Chili, Lamb, Rice, Nepalese stews. Medical Uses for Altaj Black Cardamom are: Treat loss of appetite, Colic, Fatigue, Halitosis, Stress, Also used in Aromatherapy to stimulate energy.

Our company is offering superior quality Altaj Badi Elaichi to our clients from different verticals. We offer superior quality elaichi to our clients from different verticals. Our company is widely appreciated for its quality and cost effective prices. Further, our quality professionals check the quality at regular interval of time and ensure to reach the product within the stipulated time frame. Altaj Badi Elaichi is widely appreciated for quality, aroma and flavor. Following are the features acclaimed by our clients:

  • Special Gol Dana Seremna Quality.
  • Full Dried.
  • Round in Shape.
  • Pinkish Brown Hue.

We make available in the market Altaj Badi Elaichi. The Black Cardamom is extensively used in food dishes for adding a distinctive flavor and taste. These are also beneficial for various medicinal purposes. Consequently, we considered to be a top notch Altaj Black Cardamom Exporter from India.

Specialty of Altaj Black Cardamom :

  • Hygienically Processed.
  • Fresh.
  • Free from Adulteration.
  • Mesmerizing Aroma.
  • Properly Packed.

Health Benefits of Altaj Black Cardamom :

  • Improves Digestion And Blood Circulation.
  • Increases The Appetite.
  • Cures Stomach Cramps And Acidity.
  • Acts as a Detoxifying Agent.
  • Prevents From Bronchitis or Asthma.