Altaj Black Eyed Beans (Lobia)

Altaj Black eyed peas get their names from their characteristic appearance. They are white legumes with a small black dot resembling an eye. These delicious beans are well known in Southern and Southwestern cooking, but the nutrition of the black-eyed pea makes it an excellent addition to any menu. Altaj Black Eyed Bean is also known as Black Eyed Peas or lobia or chawalie. Black-eyed beans have a smooth texture, pealike flavour and are good when mixed with other vegetables.

Like most beans, Altaj black-eyed beans are rich in the best sort of fiber – soluble fiber – which helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body. They are a good source of folate, potassium, copper, phosphorous and manganese. As a high-potassium, low-sodium food they help reduce blood pressure. Not only are they low in fat, but when combined with grains, beans supply high quality protein which provides a healthy alternative to meat or other animal protein. Altaj Black Eyed Beans also contain protease inhibitors which frustrate the development of cancerous cells.

Altaj Black Eyed Beans Health Benefits :

  • Altaj Black Eyed Beans Are Low In Fat And High In Quality Protein. They Lower Blood Levels Of Damaging LDL Cholesterol, Especially If LDL Cholesterol Levels Were High To Begin With, Without Compromising The Level Of Protective HDL Cholesterol.
  • Because Beans Are Singled Out For Their Soluble Fiber, You May Not Realize They Also Provide Substantial Insoluble Fiber, Which Helps Combat Constipation, Colon Cancer, And Other Conditions That Afflict Your Digestive Tract.
  • Altaj Black Eyed Beans Are A Good Alternative Source Of Protein If You Don’t Eat Meat. Protein Is Important Because It Supports Most Of The Parts Of Your Body, Including Muscles, Skin, Hair And Nails. In Addition, Protein Helps Cells Grow And Repair And Provides Energy To Your Body.
  • Altaj Black Eyed Beans Contain Several Types Of Phytochemicals. They Are Rich In Lignans, Which May Play A Role In Preventing Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, And Certain Cancers. The Flavonoids In Beans May Help Reduce Heart Disease And Cancer Risk. Phytosterols, Also In Legumes, Help Reduce Blood Cholesterol Levels.
  • Altaj Black Eyed Beans Provide A Number Of Nutrients, Are A Rich Source Of Fiber And Can Be Used In A Number Of Recipes. For Vegetarians, Such Beans Can Provide A Needed Source Of Iron.
  • Getting Adequate Iron In Your Diet Prevents Anemia, Which Produces Fatigue And Weakness. Iron Carries Oxygen Throughout Your Body To Your Organs, Cells And Muscles.
  • Potassium Is A Nutrient That Helps Keep Your Blood Pressure Levels At Healthy Numbers, Which Lowers Your Risk Of Heart Disease. Getting Adequate Potassium In Your Diet From Altaj Black Eyed Beans Also Supports The Health Of Your Muscles And Bones.