Altaj Chick Peas

Altaj Chick Peas also known as Kabuli is the most commonly recognised chickpea. It has a shinier skin than the smaller brown chickpea and a milder flavour. Regular chick peas can be used in curries, soups and salads. They can be stewed with meats like chicken and fish. These chick peas are also the main ingredient of hummus (a creamy dip made from chickpeas, tahini, garlic, oil and lemon juice). Chickpeas also make tasty side dishes. They could be mixed with cous cous or tiny grains like quinoa or amaranth then dressed with oil and spices. Altaj Chick peas are a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and many essential minerals and vitamins.

Altaj Chick Peas are indeed very good for you, not least because two to three tablespoons equate to one portion of the daily recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables. Chick peas also contain phytoestrogens which are weak plant versions of real oestrogen. There’s evidence that these may modulate the body’s own production of the hormone in a way that could lower the risk of breast cancer, protect against osteoporosis and minimise hot flushes in post-menopausal women. Tinned chickpeas are fine, but fresh boiled ones are slightly higher in vitamins and minerals. Both are equally good sources of fibre, including soluble fibre which can help to lower cholesterol.

Altaj Chick peas can help to lower cholesterol levels and are also a good source of protein and folate. Altaj Chickpeas are an excellent source of the essential trace element molybdenum. They are a very good source of fiber, folic acid, and manganese. They are an important source of macro nutrients, good source of protein, containing almost twice the amount of protein compared to cereal grains, as well as minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

Altaj Chickpeas for Cholesterol Reduction :

The fiber in Altaj chickpeas helps to decrease blood cholesterol levels by binding bile acids in the small intestine, and preventing re-absorption to the liver.The inclusion of chickpeas in the diet resulted in lower serum total and LDL cholesterol levels.

Altaj Chickpeas for Diabetes Prevention :

Preliminary evidence suggests the consumption of Altaj chickpeas may be beneficial for correcting dyslipidaemia (when the concentration of cholesterol or lipids in the blood exceeds normal limits), and preventing diabetes.

Altaj Chickpeas for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention :

Regular consumption of pulses such as Altaj chickpeas may reduce risks of coronary heart disease.

Altaj Chickpeas for Women :

The regular intake of Altaj chickpeas reduce the chances of Breast Cancer in women and also protects them against osteoporosis. It even cures the hot flash problem that most women face during their menopause.