Altaj Chironji or Charoli

Chironji was originated thousands of years ago in India as a dry fruit. It was used for rich delicacies before its medicinal usages were figured out. It then found its place in the Indian traditional medicine and then it become popular and known to the world. Altaj Chironji Seeds are very common substitute for almonds. Chironji Seeds, offered by us, are processed with care and are free from adulterations. The Chironji Seeds have high nutritional value which makes them demanded for making different food items. Altaj Chironji Seeds are also used for making the delicious "Chironji Ki Barfi" which is very famous.

We make available Chironji which is also known as Cudpahnut / Charoli and Sun Flower Seeds. We take exceptional care in offering the Chironji in hygienic packing that assists to preserve their freshness and taste for a long time. We are renowned as prominent Altaj Chironji Supplier and Exporter based in India. Customers can avail from us Altaj Chironji, which has lots of health benefits. Altaj Chironji is packed using high quality moisture-proof packaging material to retain its natural freshness and aroma. Being completely free from adulterations.

Altaj Chironji is highly demanded in the market. It is used in a different dishes to add the taste and aroma. Moreover, it has also many health benefits and medicinal properties. Altaj Chironji oil is extracted from the tasty Chironji seeds that are often used as a cheap substitute for almonds. Altaj Chironji oil is used for various medical applications like it is used to reduce glandular swelling of neck and used for relieving itching and for prickly heat usages. Moreover, this oil helps in aid of diarrhea. Used to heal wounds, this oil is also used in the treatment of rheumatic pains.

Medicinal Properties :

  • Altaj Chironji Oil is Used in The Treatment of Numerous Health Conditions Like Ulcer, Diarrhea, Fever, Asthma, Skin Disorders, Cough, Urinary Concretions, Bowel Disorders And Biliousness. It is Also Used As a Good Tonic For Assisting Improved Function of The Brain And Body.
  • Remove Biliousness, And Cures Blood Disorders, Fevers, Thirst, Ulcers, Burning Sensation of Body.
  • These Are Fattening, Laxative, Binding, Cooling, Aphrodisiac, Cardio-Tonic, Astringent To Bowels.
  • Seeds Are Tonic To Body And Brain And Useful in Treatment of Gleet, Urinary Concretions, Fevers.
  • Increases Semen, Blood & Potentiality of Liver.
  • Improves Health.
  • Quenches Thirst.
  • Cures Burning Sensation / Fever.
  • Cures Pimples.