Cold Drink

A soft drink is a beverage that does not contain alcohol. Also known as carbonated soft. The name soft drink specifies a lack of alcohol by way of contrast to the term hard drink. Beverages like colas, sparkling water, iced tea, lemonade, squash, and fruit punch are among the most common types of soft drinks, while hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee, milk, tap water, and milkshakes do not fall into this classification. Many carbonated soft drinks are optionally available in versions sweetened with sugars or with non-caloric sweeteners.

To beat the heat, one always thrives for something chilled, which can kill the thirst and give some respite to the system. Altaj Mart offers a large variety of beverages or Altaj cold drinks as they are popularly known. We deal in both carbonated and non-carbonated cold drinks. Altaj Cold Drinks are available in different flavors such as – cola, mango, orange, lime etc. thus, giving an opportunity for everyone to pick their choice. These soft drinks are non-alcoholic and manufactured in hygienic conditions, thus making them safe to be consumed by anyone and everyone. We are involved in manufacturing a huge range of Altaj cold drinks, which are used for stroing cold drinks as well as water bottles. These products are manufactured using high grade steel as well as plastic and are powder coated.

The Advantages of Altaj Cold Drinks:

Every time someone has a cavity or gains a few pounds, the soft drink is often a target for blame. There are many health concerns regarding the over consumption of soft drinks, as they do not contain any natural vitamins, proteins or fiber. Soft drinks do have health benefits, though, which are often overlooked. With that said, enjoy Altaj cold drinks in moderation.

Carbonated Water

There are many individuals who feel refreshed and hydrated after drinking Altaj cold drink. This is because of the high water content, as carbonated water is one of a soft drink’s main ingredients. Carbonated water is used to treat constipation. It also can help settle an upset stomach and ease nausea.


There is much discussion about the sodium in soft drinks. Altaj cold drink contains less than 35 mg of sodium per serving are considered to have a low amount, and most soft drinks contain less than 35 mg. Sodium is a vital component in the body for muscle contraction, and it helps keep calcium in the blood, while stimulating the adrenal glands.


Caffeine is also under scrutiny for doing more harm than good, when it comes to overall health. But caffeine does have health benefits, including increase in muscle strength, the reduction of asthma attacks, and the alleviation of pain. Caffeine also helps open the airways, to improve the breathing for those with restricted airways or asthma. It benefits those who suffer from chronic fatigue or are at high risk for liver disease. But the most important health benefit when it comes to the soft drink is caffeine’s contribution to weight loss. Caffeine is often the most active ingredient in diet pills, as it can help increase metabolism by breaking down fat cells, releasing fatty acids and supporting the burning of fat. According to Health Canada, the maximum recommended intake of caffeine for women, for example, is approximately 300 mg. An average 12 oz. Altaj cold drink contains anywhere from 30 to 72 mg, depending on the brand.


Kola nut is a primary ingredient in dietary supplements in energy formulas. Health benefits of consuming the kola nut include asthma and bronchitis relief, plus appetite suppression. kola nut aids in digestion and weight loss, and is used for treating migraine headaches, because of the amount of caffeine it contains.