Altaj Green Peas

Altaj Green peas, botanically classified as a fruit, have been used as vegetable, for cooking purposes, since ages. They can be described as the small, spherical seeds or the pods of the legume Pisum sativum. Apart from being very rich in protein, they hold a high nutritional value in the form of vitamins and minerals too. What makes Altaj green peas so healthy is their unique blend of phytonutrients. Altaj Green peas offer so many nutrients, along with a sweet taste and starchy texture. Altaj Mart provides Frozen Green Peas in the whole year, which are grown on the fertile farms using no pesticides and chemicals.

Having years of experience in this domain, Altaj Mart are capable of providing our customers with fresh Altaj Green Peas. The variety of frozen peas offered by us is known for its farm freshness and high quality. Processed using best green peas available in market, these peas are used in variety of dishes in India and abroad. This tasty vegetable is extremely delicious when cooked but can also be eaten raw due to its sweet & crunchy taste. Used in preparing variety of gravies, Altaj green peas have always been in great demand.

Fresh Altaj green peas are a superior source of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) meeting 67% of the daily requirement at 100 grams, while at the same time having only 81 calories. They also are an excellent source of folic acid, soluble and insoluble fiber, phytosterols like B-sitoserol good for lowering cholesterol, vitamin K, vitamin A, B complex, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and manganese. Altaj Green peas can be found in many forms from: dried, fresh, frozen and canned, and are the number one processed vegetable in the world. Dry peas like split peas and flour are at the market all year. Peas are best eaten soon after their harvest since the sugar of the peas converts to starch over time. They keep fresh for 2-3 days when refrigerated.

Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Altaj Green Peas :

  • Being Low Iin Calories, Altaj Green Peas Are Good For Those Who Are Trying To Lose Weight.
  • Altaj Green Peas Are Rich In Dietary Fiber, Making Them Good For Those Suffering From Constipation.
  • Studies Have Indicated That Altaj Green Peas Might Prove Beneficial For Those Suffering From The Problem Of High Cholesterol.
  • The High Amount Of Iron And Vitamin C In Green Peas Has Been Found To Help Strengthen The Immune System.
  • The Lutein Present Iin Altaj Green Peas Helps Reduce The Risk Of Age-Related Macular Degeneration And Cataracts.
  • Altaj Green Peas Slow Down The Appearance Of Glucose In The Blood And Thus, Help Keep The Energy Levels Steady.
  • Altaj Green Peas Have Been Found To Aid Energy Production, Nerve Function And Carbohydrate Metabolism.
  • Altaj Green Peas Provide The Body With Those Nutrients That Are Important For Maintaining Bone Health.
  • The Folic Acid And Vitamin B6 in Altaj Green Peas Are Good For Promoting The Cardiovascular Health Of An Individual.
  • Being Rich In Antioxidants, Like Vitamin C, Altaj Green Peas Can Help Keep Cancer At Bay.