Altaj Fruit Jam

Get the truest taste of fruits in our wonderful Altaj fruit jams specially prepared for gratifying to fullest. Our Altaj fruit jam is prepared using best ingredients so that they are tastier and gratifying. Altaj fruit jams are specially prepared from fruits that are fresh, clean, fully ripe and free from fermentation and mold. We use citric acid, sugar, permitted colors, flavor and preservatives for processing these Altaj fruit jams and ensure that our jam varieties retain their texture and stay rich in carbohydrate giving instant energy.

We manufacture and supply a wide verity of highly delicious Jam under the brand name of Altaj. We present an incomprehensible range of fresh fruit jams which is available in various flavors. The fruit jams supplied by us are manufactured from fresh and raw fruits which assures valuable customers of the authenticity of jams. Altaj jams are considered to be the best as they are made up with a natural process & fresh fruits. Majority of the fruits are purchased direct from farmers & some from Market committee. We still follow the age old home-made recipe to make our jams what makes savoring our products an incredibly rich tasting affair, is the perfect blend of fruit, sugar, spices and the amount of love that we pour into making them.

Altaj Fruit Jam is highly reliable, available at attractive prices, variety of taste and different flavour.The mouth-watering jams are available in containers and pet jars for the convenience of the consumer. Altaj Fruit Jams are the perfect to be spread on the chapattis or bread. Our jams are also offered with customized packaging according to the demands of the customers.

There are Many Health Benefits Provided By Altaj Fruits Jams :

  • Unlike Butter, Margarine, Nutella, and Cheese, Jams Do Not Contribute To The Cholesterol And Fat Content Of Your Body. Jam Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight When Following Recommended Serving Sizes.
  • Pectin Is A Substance Contained In All fruits. During The Heating Process Of Making Jams, This Substance Gets Modified. The Modified Pectin Helps In Reducing Your Chances Of Developing Cancer, as well as: Improve The Health Of Hair, Skin And Finger Nails, Decrease Bone Loss, Reduce Constipation and Diverticulitis and Help The Body Form Red Blood Cells.
  • Altaj Fruits Jams Are Rich In Sugar And A Great Source Of Energy And Fiber. They Curb Hunger, Helping Us To Eat Less And Be Satisfied Without Cravings. By Doing So They Also Reduce One’s Chance Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes. Since They Are High In Calories, The Weight Loss Seekers And Those Diagnosed With Diabetes Should Use Jams Sparingly.
  • Jam Made With Chunks Of Healthy Fruit Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Stroke, Heart Attack And All Other Potential Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Jam Has Most Of The Health Benefits Of Fruit, Most Notably, Heart Healthy, Cancer Fighting Antioxidant Power. It Can Help Reduce The Chance Of And Developing Various Cancers And Possibly Help To Cure Current Cancers, Particularly Mouth, Stomach, And Colon-Rectum Cancer. In Pregnant Women, Reduce Risk of Neural Tube Defects, Spina Bifida, And Anencephaly During Fetal Development.
  • Jam is a Concentrated Source Of Nutrition When Made With Fruits That Have Been Captured Fully Ripe.