Altaj Cumin Seeds or Jeera

Cumin is considered as one of the most popular and essential spices of India, as it gives a distinctive warm flavor to an enormous range of savory dishes and is very recognized flavor beside its medical use. An essential ingredient in many mixed spices, chutneys, and chili and curry powders, cumin seeds are especially popular in Asian, North African, and Latin American cuisines. Altaj Mart offers cummin seeds very earthy, aromatic flavor, which is slightly bitter but not hot. It gives an earthy aroma when ground. It can be used with pulses and beans and is an integral part of curry making.

Most of the Indian traditional dishes are spiced with Altaj cumin seeds. Altaj Jeera is used as a spice to provide flavor to the food. Altaj Jeera is used in varieties of food style like Indian, Cuban, etc. to add a strong yet warm aroma. The aroma in the black Altaj Jeera is due to the presence of natural oil in the seeds. To get better taste and aroma the Altaj Jeera is firstly grounded and then added in the food stuff. The best quality cumin seeds are grown in Gujarat city and we are one of the best Altaj Jeera exporters and suppliers in India.

Altaj Jeera powder is one of our best selling product. This masala is prepared using advanced grinding techniques which improvises masala quality. Its aroma rich taste enhance food flavor and make people enjoy delicious dishes. Altaj jeera powder gives taste and is a spice very much loved by the western world for its versatility. Jeera is also a very good calming agent. It is one the oldest spices mankind has known.

Health Benefits of Altaj Cumin Seeds :

  • Improves Digestion and Increases Metabolism.
  • Altaj Cumin Seeds Are a Very Good Source of Iiron. Just One Teaspoon of Cumin Seeds Provides Around 7 Percent (around 1.3 mg) of The Daily Value for Iron. 3. Altaj Cumin Seeds Have Been Found to be Very Effective in The Treatment of Common Cold, Asthma, and Bronchitis. Cumin Helps in Diluting The Phlegm in The Chest, Thereby Helping The Body in Easy Expulsion of It.
  • Taking Altaj Cumin Seeds With a Little Lukewarm Water Greatly Helps in Banishing Stomach Aches. Additionally, Soaking Cumin Seeds in Water Overnight and Consuming The Water is Beneficial While Having Acidity. It Also Helps in Relieving Bloated Feeling.
  • Altaj Cumin Seeds Help Relieve or Reduce Flatulence (abdominal gas), Thus Increasing Appetite And Aiding in Digestion. A Cup of Tea Made From Cumin Seeds Taken Thrice a Day After a Meal Will Provide Relief.
  • Altaj Cumin Seeds Have Been Proven to Help The Body Fight Cancer Cells. This Cancer-Fighting Capability And Cancer-Protective Effect May Be Due To Cumin’s Potent Free Radical Scavenging Abilities.
  • Altaj Cumin Seeds, Taken Along With Milk And Honey, Is Helpful in The Healthy Development of Fetus, Helps With Easy Childbirth, As Well As Increases The Quantity of Breast Milk.
  • Altaj Cumin Seeds Are Believed to Stimulate The Liver to Produce More Bile, Which Helps With Digestion.
  • Altaj Cumin Seeds Are Very Effective in Curing Insect Bites, Healing Boils, As Well As Preventing Infection in Minor Wounds. Grind Cumin With Enough Water to Make a Smooth Paste And Apply to The Affected Area. Wash Off Once It Dries. Cumin is Also Rich in Vitamin E, Which Makes The Skin Glow.