Altaj Dried Fenugreek Leaves

The most effective, pure and high quality Fenugreek is known as Kasuri Methi. Fenugreek is famous as Kasuri Methi all over the world due to its unique fragrance and quality. Fenugreek leaves (methi saag, methi, menthi koora) are a popular vegetable in India. Fenugreek seeds are an essential ingredient in curry powder and other masalas used in Indian food, and both the leaves and seeds have a pronounced aroma. The leaves and seeds have a bitter taste and hence often used in combination with other spices and vegetables.

Altaj Kalonji or Black Seed

Altaj Kalonji oil is extracted from pure clean Kalonji seeds of standard quality according to hygienic principals. No artificial color, Chemical or Perfume has been added. Altaj Kalonji oil (Black seed oil) has also been found to be effective at promoting menstruation and increasing milk production. For most ailments, the recommended daily dosage is one teaspoon of Altaj Kalonji oil (Black seed oil) per day. The oil can be mixed in warm or cold drinks, or it can be added on top of many foods right before consuming.

Altaj Cumin Seeds or Jeera

Altaj Jeera is used as a spice to provide flavor to the food. Altaj Jeera is used in varieties of food style like Indian, Cuban, etc. to add a strong yet warm aroma. The aroma in the black Altaj Jeera is due to the presence of natural oil in the seeds. To get better taste and aroma the Altaj Jeera is firstly grounded and then added in the food stuff. The best quality cumin seeds are grown in Gujarat city and we are one of the best Altaj Jeera exporters and suppliers in India.

Altaj Turmeric Powder (Haldi)

Altaj Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a culinary spice, a major ingredient in Indian curries, and the source of American mustard’s bright yellow color. Used as both medicine and food for centuries, accumulating evidence suggests that this relative of ginger is a promising preventive agent for a wide range of diseases, probably due largely to its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric “the golden spice of life” is known for its warm and peppery flavor.

Altaj Chili Powder

Altaj Chili powder is widely used to add flavor to dishes. This spice is made of dried chili peppers and sometimes other spices, like cumin, garlic or oregano and then that mixture is called ‘chili powder blend’. This spice is mostly used for soups, chilis, stews, BBQ etc. Chili powder beside spicing our dishes keeping our body healthy and contains a number of beneficial nutrients.Altaj Chili powder (also powdered chili or chile powder) is the ground, dried fruit.

Altaj Coriander Powder

Altaj Coriander Powder manufactured by Altaj Mart company is a special one in terms of quality, aroma and taste. Altaj Coriander seed powder is the foremost ingredient of various cuisines all over the world. We are accounted as one of the trusted Altaj Coriander Seed Powder Exporters as well as Ground Coriander Powder Suppliers capturing world market. We bring forth the best quality Altaj Coriander Powder that is machine cleaned and then grinded.

Altaj Black Cardamom (Badi Elaichi)

Altaj Badi Elaichi pods are dark brown to black in color and have a tough, dried, wrinkly skin. They are highly aromatic but not as much as Green Caradmom. Altaj Black Cardamom is dried over a smoke fire and therefore has a distinct smokey aroma. The seeds have sweetish, smokey flavor when bitten into. Due to its distince spicy flavour Altaj Black Cardamom is one of the main ingredients to many spice mixtures like garam masala. It is used as a whole or ground for rice dishes and also in desserts. As an Ayurvedic remedy it is used against dhiarrhea.

Altaj Amla (Emblica)

Altaj Mart is one of the leading names engaged in offering pure and effective Altaj amla juice products to its clients. We have 100% pure extract of amla. Amla is one of the oldest natural herbs, which is gifted us by nature. The fruit has the highest content of vitamin C more than any other natural occurring substances in nature. It is used for the treatment of various diseases and health problems such as ulcers and hyper-acidity. Hygienically prepared using natural and healthy amla, the juice boosts the immune system and helps in strengthening the heart & hair.

Altaj Dalchini

Altaj Cinnamon is probably one of the most aromatic of the spices. Cinnamon, an important ingredient of garam masala is a sweet and mildly hot spice. It is used in sweets like mawa kachori, cakes, pies, buns, toast, other baked goods, rice puddings, chocolate dishes and fruit desserts, etc. Altaj Cinnamon is a rich source of minerals such as calcium, manganese, and iron. It also contains dietary fiber which makes it quite good for the gastrointestinal system. It also contains amino acids and fatty acids.

Altaj Ajwain

Altaj Ajwain also known as carom seeds or bishop’s weed is a herbaceous plant. This beneficial herb is used in culinary process as spice as well as a major ingredient of different kind of medicines. Altaj Ajwain seeds are aromatic, & hot with a bitter and pungent taste. When chewed they make the tongue numb for a while. Raw Ajwain seeds smell very much like thyme because they contain thymol-an essential oil. They act as good appetizer, laxative and stomachic. Altaj Ajwain is used as effective remedy in managing ailments.