Lady Vita syrup

Ayurveda has been regarded as the best herbal medicinal science when it is concerned to female health. There are lots many herb that are very effective in treating all gynecological problems especially related to genital system of women. Lady Vita Syrup is a wonderful Ayurvedic preparation for women that is very effective in managing all their problems. It is also useful in multiple age groups and is an excellent remedy for menstrual disorders.

Rishi Only For Lady Syrup

Rishi Only For Lady Syrup has a regularizing influence on the menstrual cycle by virtue of its uterine stimulant action. Rishi Only For Lady Syrup stimulatory effect on the ovarian tissue helps regularizing endogenous hormonal secretion, enhances the repair of the endometrium and thus controls abnormal uterine bleeding. Rishi Only For Lady Syrup anti-inflammatory action has a healing effect on the uterus and its antispasmodic action alleviates pain.

Madam Vita

Madam Vita Syrup is a wonderful Ayurvedic preparation for women that is very effective in managing all their problems. It is also useful in multiple age groups and is an excellent product.Madam Vita Syrup is used to treat irregular menstruation, menstrual disorder, uterine bleeding, primary amenorrhea, irregular menstrual cycles, secondary amenorrhea.

Livo life syrup

Livolife syrup is a unique Herbal liver tonic which is accurately composed and formulated using quality ingredients that ensure effectiveness in curing various diseases. Livolife Syrup is used for treating liver disorders. It protects the liver against various drugs, toxins, viruses, and alcoholic induced toxicity. Livolife syrup is a liver tonic or liver syrup used as a protection of liver cells.

Cold N Flue

Cold N Flue Syrup a herbal, honey based cough syrup for quick relief from all kinds of cough. Only Cold N Flue is a unique combination of scientifically proven herbs that are known to act on the root cause of cough so that you get effective relief, instantly. Cold Plus Syrup causes no drowsiness. it is a safe, nonalcoholic and non-sedating herbal syrup. It relieves sore throat, allergic cough, dry irritable cough, Nasal De congestion, Suppressing Cough, Smoker

Constiaci Syrup

Constiaci Syrup is a natural digestive stimulant, which increases the digestiblity of all food groups through its bile secretion enhancing and digestive enzyme-stimulating actions. It aids in healthy nourishment as it improves the assimilation of digested nutrients. The colonic transit renormalizing action of Constiaci Syrup helps relieve gaseous distension, and the carminative and antispasmodic actions facilitates expulsion of trapped gases in the gut

Jaundice Syrup

Liver is the powerhouse of human body performing more than 500 physiological functions. Jaundice Syrup are highly useful to treat various liver disorders such as jaundice, loss of appetite, flatulence, gastric disorders & constipation.

Hirdya Arogya

Hirdya Arogya Syrup help to completely cure your heart problems. As the name indicates, this herbal syrup is highly effective in problems related to heart. This syrup has incredible effects in the case of dilated cardiomyopathy heart failure.

Cardio Care Syrup

Cardio Care Syrup works as a heart tonic & improves the Circulation of Blood. Relieves Stress in Overstressed Executives, Alcoholics, Over weights and Heavy Smokers. It Softens Arterial Walls & Regulates Blood supply to the Heart. Effective in Anginal Attacks

Khoon Musaffi Syrup

We are involved in manufacturing and supplying high quality Khoon Musaffi blood purifier syrup. Our offered syrup helps in preventing blood problems and is considered excellent for treating problems like impurities in the blood & skin eruptions, pimples, boils etc.

Kold N Kuf

Kold N Kuf Syrup, an alcohol free non-drowsy formula, is targeted at children and adults. It is the safest medicine for cold and cough for children and reduces painful throat irritation, gives fast relief from cough and clears chest congestion. It relieves the tension of every mother when her child gets ill. It contains a fast action formula which is brought to life by the

Life Revive

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Life Revive Syrup in Delhi, Delhi, India. Life Revive is typical Anti-cancer syrup which helps in maintaining body strength and curing cancer causing germ cells by eradicating them. Slow down the production of cancerous cells Effective against the tumor generating cells Purifies the blood naturally Strengthen the tissues and nerves affected by cancerous cells