Altaj Basmati Rice

Altaj Basmati Rice is a popular rice not only for its flavor, but for its fragrance. It is remarkably long for a rice, and becomes longer still when cooked. It can be either brown or white with the brown variety having more flavor. When cooked, the rice is lighter and more fluffy than standard white rice, and does not stick together. The word ‘Basmati’ comes from the Hindi language, meaning ‘Queen of Fragrance‘. Basmati has a fine aromatic flavor with long and slender grains. Its perfumed, nutlike flavor and aroma can be attributed to the fact that the grain is aged, to decrease its moisture content. When cooked, it swells only lengthwise, thereby resulting in long slender grains that are dry, separate and fluffy.

Altaj Basmati Rice being a rich and unforgettable blend of tradition and exotic produce optimizes the spirit of a unique and incredible India. We bring the finest of basmati rice to the global palate by bringing unbridled joy to the faces of millions of our consumers worldwide. Focused quality of highest order and undying faith, Altaj has stormed to new heights and emerged as an undisputed market leader. Altaj Mart is one of the best rice manufacturing companies of India by any standards. Backed by a team of visionaries and committed professionals the company has carved a niche for itself and is all set to acquire new ventures world over.

Why Altaj Basmati Rice Is The Best :

Altaj Basmati Rice is considered as the world’s best rice with following attributes :

  • Gluten Free.
  • Low in Fat.
  • Contains All Eight Essential Amino Acids, Folic Acid.
  • Very Low in Sodium.
  • No Cholesterol.
  • Non – Allergic.
  • Rich in Complex Carbohydrates.

Altaj Basmati Rice Benefits :

  • As Far as Calories, Carbohydrates, and Protein are Concerned, Both Brown and White Rice Contain Similar Amounts. However, in Terms of Vitamins and Minerals, Brown Rice is a Good Source of Vitamins Such as Vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) Vitamin B3 (niacine), Iron, Along with Magnesium and Dietary Fiber.
  • Altaj Basmati Rice Contains All The Amino Acids Essential for Building and Maintaining Muscle Tissue, and Make Up Antibodies, Enzymes, and Hormones. These Amino Acids Also Help Maintain Healthy Skin, Hair, Eyesight, and Nousish The Heart, Lungs, Tendons and Ligaments, Brain, Nervous System and Glands.
  • Other Health Henefits of Brown Rice Include It’s Role In Reducing Bad Cholesterol. Brown Rice Contains Oil in Iits Outer Layer (bran), and Studies Show That This Oil Can Help Lower Bad Cholesterol (LDL).
  • The B-Complex Vitamins in Brown Rice, Especially Thiamin, Riboflavin, and Niacin Provide Youthful Energy, and Nourish The Skin and Blood Vessels.
  • Altaj Basmati Rice is Low in Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium and Hence Makes a Perfect Food For Those With High Blood Pressure and Requiring a Low-Sodium Diet. The Calcium in Rice (especiall brown rice) Helps Lower Blood Pressure.
  • White Rice is One of The Easiest and Quickest Foods to Digest Requiring Only An Hour to Completely Digest It. As Such, Rice is an Ideal Health Food For Those Who are Debilitated and Weak and Require Easy Assimilation and Quick Energy. Because of The Low Fiber Content, White Rice is Very Soothing To The Digestive System and Rice Gruels Along With Buttermilk Are Recommended For Digestive Disorders Such As Diarrhea, Dysentery, Morning Sickness, Colitis, and Jaundice.
  • Rice Powder is Also Used Externally As a Soothing Powder in Cases of Skin Inflammation Such as Small-Pox, Measles, Prickly Heat, Burns and Scalds.