Altaj Soybean Oil

Altaj Mart is proficient in manufacturing superior quality Altaj Soyabean Oil, which is processed using high grade raw soybeans procured from trustworthy vendors. This oil is extracted from the pure soybean. It is low in fat and does not contain any cholesterol, hence making it attractive to health conscious customers. The natural taste of Altaj Soybean oil enhances the flavor of food, and works well with other ingredients including fats and oils, making it edible in salad dressings, sauces and baked foods. It does not produce any irritating odor, and is one of the most popularly used commercial deep-frying oils.

Soyabean and Soyabean Oil is the world’s largest source of vegetables. The natural taste of soyabean and Altaj Soyabean Oil enhances the flavour of food, which are rich in protein and are regularly consuming cereal internationally. Soyabean contains about 18 % oil and the meal which remains after removal of the oil contains a high quantity of protein.We are offering broad range of Altaj Soybean Oil, which is extensively used in preparation of various dishes, snacks, cuisines and other food stuffs. This range possesses high nutritional value and is ideally used for various cooking purposes by clients.

We process Altaj Soybean Oil with all the international standards under clean and hygienic environment in order to maintain purity and quality. We possess superior grade machinery that is capable of extracting the oils without loosing its nutritional values. This oil is widely used and is well appreciated for the purity and hygiene. Altaj Soybean Oil does not contain much saturated fat. Like all other oils from vegetable origin, Altaj Soybean Oil contains no cholesterol and is obtained from the seeds of the legume Soyamax. Altaj Soybean Oil is light yellow in color. It is used as salad and cooking oil.

Health Benefits of Altaj Soybean Oil :

  • Altaj Soybean Oil Contains No Cholesterol, Which Makes It a Perfect Choice For Individuals With Heart Disease or High Cholesterol.
  • The Fats in Altaj Soybean Oil are Polyunsaturated Which Have Shown to Help Reduce Total Cholesterol, Lower LDL or Bad Cholesterol Levels and Increase HDL or Good Cholesterol Levels.
  • Altaj Soybean Oil Has Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Which Have Shown to Reduce The Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Slow The Growth of Atherosclerotic Plaque, Slow The Risk of Arrhythmias or Abnormal Heartbeats And Decrease Triglyceride Levels.
  • Altaj Soybean Oil Naturally Contains Antioxidants, Which Remain in The Oil Even After It is Pressed. These Antioxidants Help Prevent The Damage Caused By Free Radicals, Which May Help Prevent Certain Cancers.
  • Altaj Soybean Oil Has a Beneficial For The Brain, Improves The Formation of Semen in Men, And Reduces The Level of Bad Cholesterol, Thus Helpful For Atherosclerosis.
  • Phytosterols Contained in Altaj Soybean Oil Promotes Skin Rejuvenation, And Its Regenerating And Rejuvenating Properties Are Used to Make Cosmetics.