Altaj Tea

Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world, exceeded only by the most necessary of all liquids – water. Tea is an integral part of everyday societal life in many of the world’s most populous countries. This has made tea the most popular beverage for a huge swath of the world’s people. Tea is prepared from linder leaves, leaf buds and tender stalks of different varieties of the warm-weather evergreen known as camellia sinensis. Altaj tea is a nutrient rich brew that may possess loads of medicinal benefits. The most popular types of Altaj tea are:

  1. Altaj Green Tea
  2. Altaj Gold Tea
  3. Altaj Silver Tea
  4. Altaj Herbal Tea

Tea is the second-most consumed drink in the world, surpassed only by water. Altaj Tea has evolved from being a brand that promised freshness of the tea gardens, to a brand that awakens every Indian. We have come to stand for a way of life to our consumers.

Altaj Tea is a Premium blend of CTC grade tea from selected tea gardens of Assam. When each of premium granules of tea comes together a strong fine blend evolves into an outstanding flavor to give us a unique tea drinking experience.

The taste of Altaj Tea brings alive the little moments that bring us closer to people we love. It is the simple act of sharing a cup of altaj tea that often adds magic to everyday moments, strengthening the relationships that matter most to us. Life is lived in those moments, one sip at a time.

Altaj tea is renowned for producing some of the worlds best tea and the exotic Altaj Tea is certainly one of the most famous. This is our top selling CTC teas and one we will gladly introduce to any tea lovers.

Most of us prefer to take tea with breakfast and Altaj Tea is one of best breakfast tea available in the market. Altaj Tea is the more prominent tea of this place compared to any other tea. This tea is produced by Hashmi Herbal. This tea is a premium tea with the flavor of malt. The tea is rich dark in color and it tastes great if you add sugar and milk in it. I should say it tastes best with milk and people prefer to have it that way. This tea is available in different eight packs.

Those who love to have premium tea should make it a bit light and the color that it acquires at that point of time would make you admire it. There is a special procedure of brewing each type of tea. If its tea leaf then you should start with boiling water, add sugar in it and then add the leaf. Turn off the gas and close the bowl with a lid. Let the aroma get absorbed in the liquid and then serve it adding milk or without it. If you are making gold tea then the first thing is to determine the quantity. Take one spoon of tea for two cups of water. Dip it into the tea pot and leave for some time. Then serve hot and feel the blend of purity and taste. Altaj Tea is one of the best teas available in the world which has full body and perfect taste. The bronze color of the black tea makes you feel like having liquid gold and the pleasure you get is incomparable.

The Benefits of Altaj Tea :

Altaj tea is used by people all over the world for many different health problems as well as for general health and well-being. Altaj tea benefits the entire body in a holistic fashion. Altaj tea’s primary actions are to remove heavy metals, detoxify the body, restore energy levels, and rebuild the immune system. After this occurs, the body is restored to a level to where it is able to better defeat an illness or disease state using it’s own resources.

Here are Some Essiac Altaj Tea Benefits :

  • Prevents The Buildup of Excess Fatty Deposits In Artery Walls, Heart, Kidney and Liver.
  • Regulates Cholesterol Levels by Transforming Sugar and Fat Into Energy.
  • Destroys Parasites in the Digestive System and Throughout The Body.
  • Counteracts The Effects of Aluminum, Llead and Mercury Poisoning.
  • Strengthens and Improves the Functioning of Muscles, Organs and Tissues.
  • Makes Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Lungs, and Membranes Strong and Flexible, and Therefore Less Vulnerable To Stress or Stress Injuries.
  • Nourishes and Stimulates The Brain and Nervous System.
  • Promotes The Absorption of Fluids in The Tissues.
  • Removes Toxic Accumulations in The Fat, Lymph, Bone Marrow, Bladder, and Alimentary Canals.
  • Neutralizes Acids, Absorbs Toxins in The Bowel, and Eliminates Both.
  • Clears The Respiratory Channels By Dissolving and Expelling Mucus.
  • Relieves The Lliver of Its Burden of Detoxification by Converting Fatty Toxins Into Water-Soluble Substances That Can Then be Easily Eliminated Through The Kidneys.