Altaj Walnuts

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, natural, whole foods are packed with synergistic nutrients that work together in unity to provide a plethora of health benefits without causing negative side effects — and walnuts are no exception! A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found that walnuts lower LDL (or "bad") cholesterol, prevent bone loss, and even fight cancer. Walnuts may be beneficial both in terms of avoiding cancer and slowing cancer growth and therefore should be included in a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

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Altaj Walnuts are one of the best plant sources of protein. They are rich in fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Nuts in general are also high in plant sterols and fat – but mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (omega 3 fatty acids, in particular, alpha-linolenic acid ALA) that have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol. Eating nuts as part of a healthy diet can be good for your heart. Nuts, which contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients, are a great snack food, too.

Altaj Walnuts and their oils are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Most of the research on the health benefits of walnuts has focused on consumption of the nut itself, although interest in walnut oil has grown over the last decade. The health benefits of walnuts and walnut oil are similar if the oil is unrefined, fresh (6 month shelf life), and uncooked. However, the serving size of walnut oil is less than the amount of walnuts needed to get the same nutritional benefit.

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should be Adding More Altaj Walnuts to Your Daily Diet :


Altaj Walnuts are high in fiber. Fiber is good for your body because it can help control your blood sugar levels, lowers your blood cholesterol levels, and it helps maintain normal, healthy bowel movements.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

Eating Altaj walnuts is good for your heart and circulatory system. They have a positive effect on blood composition and the flexibility of your blood vessel walls. Walnuts can improve blood quality and they contain omega-3 content, which helps multiple functions of the cardiovascular system, including blood pressure.


Studies have shown that Altaj walnuts can help reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is also known as "bad cholesterol." High levels of LDL cholesterol can accumulate in the inner walls of the arteries that lead to the heart and brain. Many of these studies have not found a specific explanation for the reduction of LDL cholesterol in test subjects who had their diets supplemented with walnuts, but the drop in LDL cholesterol was significant. In other words, you should just eat the walnuts to help lower cholesterol since no one knows what part of the walnut actually creates this effect.

Metabolic Syndrome:

Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a combination of medical issues like high blood pressure, obesity and high triglyceride levels. Inadequate high-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is also known as "good cholesterol," is another medical problem that falls under MetS. Studies have shown that one ounce of walnuts eaten per day over a three month span can help reduce most of these problems.

Heart Disease:

Altaj Walnuts contain a polyunsaturated fatty acid known as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Numerous clinical studies suggest a relationship between the reduced risk of heart disease and a regular intake of ALA. This acid, which is typically found in plant sources, may improve blood lipids and other risk factors of heart disease.

Weight Reduction:

Slim down by adding Altaj walnuts to your diet. Studies have shown a decrease in abdominal adiposity, which is the technical way of expressing the collection of fat around the mid-section, among test subjects who added walnuts to their diets.

Type 2 Diabetes:

The majority of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are experiencing other health related issues, including a high risk for heart disease. By including a handful of walnuts to their daily diet, those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes can get the recommended intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids, like omega-3, that are vital for a healthier heart.

Cancer Fighting Benefits:

Since Altaj walnuts carry twice as many antioxidants when compared to other common nuts, they are also shown to have numerous cancer fighting benefits. Prostate cancer and breast cancer are the two most studied cases of walnuts and their ability to fight cancer.


Altaj Walnuts contain a significant amount of protein, a macronutrient that is important for many parts of the body. The amino acids that protein is made out of, help in the body’s growth and repair. Protein is important for building muscles, and repairing muscles after weight-lifting.

Vitamins and Nutrients:

An abundance of vitamins and nutrients can be found in Altaj walnuts, including calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and phosphorus. Other vitamins and nutrients found in walnuts include antioxidants like copper and manganese.